Most Frequently Asked Question About Our Fitness Products

You can wear our sweat 12+ hours each day under or over your clothes.

Yes, it’s all about comfort level. Not harmful

Hand Wash Only with light soap and water.

No. We have two straps where one can be placed on the top of the stomach, and the bottom so the belt will not roll up or slip off at all.


S/M is 10’ inches wide and fits a size 2-14 in women’s jeans and a 24-36 in men’s jeans. If you have a little bit more to cover such as a stomach that hangs very low or sticks out very far, we would recommend going up to our next size lg/xl.

LG/XL: is 11’ inches wide and fits a size 14-22 in women’s jeans and fits 36-46 in men’s jeans.

2X-3X: is 12’ inches wide and 61’ inches long and fits 22-32 women’s Jeans a 46-60 in men’s jeans. Also our 3X belt also can fit anyone Who wears between a 2x-6x in clothing.


One size fits Most (S-3XL)

48’ inch waist; 39’ inch long thigh length

Yes. You will get quicker results.


Neoprene. NO LATEX

We offer a weight loss tea (tea bags)